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May, 2014

Two GU12 Teams in Memorial Super Cup Final!!!

Nado GU12 participated in the Memorial Super Cup tournament on May 24 and 25, 2014 in San Diego county.  CYSL is proud to have two Nado GU12 teams, which are referred to as GU12W and GU12G.  Both teams participated in the tournament under the coaching leadership of Rosie Tantillo (GU12G) and Joao Brantuas (GU12W).

Each team played in separate brackets and both teams advanced to the Final Championship game – only to have our very own two Nado teams playing each other!

Nado GU12W match record leading into the final game boasted 3 shutouts, and Nado GU12G advanced on a PK shootout, and another win that was secured with 3 goals being scored in the last 5 minutes of play to secure a win  to advance to the finals.

The championship game was filled with intensity and excitement, with friends playing friends, in a high energy and high emotion match.  Parents from Nado cheered on both teams, and in the end, both teams victorious and both on the podium to take 1st and 2nd place.  

CYSL is proud of all of the GU12 players!!!

Way to go Nado!!!!!