Coronado Youth Soccer League

About our Club

Coronado Youth Soccer League, Inc. (CYSL) is a nonprofit, public educational soccer organization for youth under nineteen (19) years of age. Our goal is to promote the development of youth soccer players to their greatest potential. To learn more about our organization, please review CYSL’s By-Laws.

CYSL has served the San Diego community for over 40 years. Both recreational and competitive, also known as Nado Select, programs are offered, ensuring that youth in surrounding communities have access to an excellent soccer education in a safe environment. Each year, the fall and spring CYSL rec seasons have great success, with a high number of players and volunteers. As for Nado Select, it has grown from just 7 competitive teams in the early 1990’s to over 20 competitive teams. In addition, several Nado Select Alumni, have moved on to play at the next level, either professionally or collegiately.

Manny Neves, Director of Coaching, has been instrumental in helping build CYSL into what it is today through the creation and implementation of a successful soccer development program as well as providing a top-notch coaching staff. He began working with CYSL in 1998, bringing with him an expertise in teaching soccer technique and tactic. Along with Manny Neves, Brian Hiatt-Aleu and Kiko Medina, direct the Nado Select Olders Program. The coaching successes of both Brian and Kiko are noteworthy and they have an undoubted dedication to helping players achieve new heights in their play. 

CYSL strives to maintain its mission, developing youth soccer players to their greatest potential, while instilling an everlasting passion for the beautiful game of soccer.

CYSL Programs

Coronado Youth Soccer is a soccer club located in the city of Coronado, CA. serving southern San Diego county.  The club provides youth soccer programs for approximately 900 players a year. About 300 of these players participate in the Nado Select Program. The other 600 play in the Recreational Programs.

Offered Programs

Select and Premier:

The Select program is designed for the intermediate to advanced player and is devoted to the enjoyment of the game in a competitive environment, with a higher level of training, time, local travel and financial commitments.  Several Nado teams have Premier Status, having achieved this through extensive training and commitment and reaching the highest level of competition. The  Select and Premier players are coached by CYSL’s Professional Coaches.  Find out more here...


The Recreational Program is devoted to the enjoyment of the game in a recreational environment without the emphasis of higher level of competition and time commitment. The purpose of the program is to provide an opportunity for the participant to have fun, learn the sport and develop life skills including a life long love of the game.  Find out more here. . .