Coronado Youth Soccer League

GU17 - Values and Memories for a Lifetime

Shared thoughts that I hope other teams/players/family members have with CYSL 
          - Randy Nixon- CYSL President and Manny Neves- CYSL Director of Coaching

The paragraph to the right is an excerpt from an email we received from GU17 manager Sarah Reilly. We hope you read and get as much joy from it as Manny and I.  Our GU17 team was just defeated in the round of 16 National Cup in 40mph winds in Lancaster. The team had a fantastic year going undefeated in SDDA flight one playing GU19 and winning several prestigious tournaments during the year. Sarah agreed for CYSL to share her thoughts with the entire club as the team ended their successful year and for many on the team their final CYSL year as they now head to college next year.

We wish all those players the very best at college and for those returning players to this team another successful and prosperous season. 

Sarah’s message to her team’s families:

This past Saturday was really difficult and really sad.  Difficult because of the loss and sad because we played our last game as THIS TEAM and we really wanted to send our Senior girls off on a high note. Well, the game certainly wasn’t a high note but as I thought about it, I realized that the team itself, this loyal, kind, hardworking group of girls was the high note! Ten years from now, I highly doubt anyone will remember our win/loss ratio or how many goals were scored, but this crazy, unique, sometimes overwhelming and difficult, but usually joyous adventure that was this team, will be remembered always.  

Our lives were forever changed for the better the first moment we set foot on the Cays Field more than ten years ago. I know I will always hold a place in my head and heart for this special time in our lives and this incredible group of girls and their families, as well as our passionate coaches. We were so fortunate that the girls and parents were really fond of each other and actually enjoyed spending time together, and boy did we ever have some fun. I hope that the friendships continue beyond the soccer field.

As we send our Seniors off on their new, exciting adventures, I know each of them will be better prepared for anything that comes their way because of what they learned on the soccer field- not only the athletic skills and fitness, but the work ethic, the commitment, the friendships, the loyalty, the determination to succeed … I have no doubt they will go far in life!

GU10 Flashback - 8 of the 12 girls are on the GU17 Team