Coronado Youth Soccer League

Coronado Youth Soccer League

Coronado Youth Soccer League

Coronado Youth Soccer League

Director of Rec Administration

Yana Aldridge


Director of Coaching

Manny Neves

Recreational Coaching & Volunteer Opportunities

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Recreational Coaches

Rec Soccer depends on parents to coach teams for both the Spring and Fall seasons. This is a wonderful opportunity to help the community and spend quality time with your child. CYSL offers a clinic for coaches, which is led by Director of Coaching Manny Neves, at the start of each season to assist you in your efforts.

The Rec program is currently seeking coaches for the following ALL age groups.

If interested in coaching,  please email

All volunteer coaches must undergo mandatory background checks through the LIVESCAN program. CYSL pays for this service for each volunteer coach. The process requires valid identification, SSN, and fingerprint. If you have already completed LIVESCAN for CYSL, then you do not need to complete it a second time. If you have not completed LIVESCAN with CYSL, but have completed LIVESCAN with another organization, you still MUST complete LIVESCAN with CYSL. No other organization is authorized to release your LIVESCAN results due to privacy laws.​

Recreational Team Parent

Every team will designate a Team Parent, who will act as a liaison between the Coach and parents. Duties include the following:

  • Creating a team roster and snack schedule
  • Assisting the coach with dissemination of information
  • Providing information to parents in regard to games, events, etc.
  • Collecting funds
  • Plan/coordinate/delegate end of the season party (medals/trophies, coach’s gift, etc.)

​​One-Time Volunteers

If you’d like to volunteer your time, but you can’t commit to a whole season, then you can sign-up to be a “one-time” volunteer. Below are volunteer positions available as well as the amount of time it takes to accomplish the task:

  • Equipment Assembly – 2 hours
  • Equipment Distribution (at beginning of season) – 2 hours
  • Equipment Collection  (at end of season) – 2 hours
  • Assemble Rosters in binders for coaches – 2 hours
  • Uniforms (pick up/verify quantities/assembly in team bags) – 3 hours
  • Picture Day Form distribution to coaches – 3 hours
  • Distribution of Picture Packets to coaches on game day – 3 hours