Coronado Youth Soccer League

Coronado Youth Soccer League

Coronado Youth Soccer League

Coronado Youth Soccer League

Director of Rec Administration

Yana Aldridge


Director of Coaching

Manny Neves

Recreational Program Guidelines

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Player Behavior on the Field


If a player, usually younger ones, are not fully participating with the team, seem distracted and unwilling to play, cry all the time, hits others, there might be something going on that the parent needs to be aware of and address. The club supports its coaching and their great volunteerism to coach the players. The coaches have a responsibility to coach the players. While they can help with small issues off the field of play, it is expected that parents will address issues of basic commitment and behavior with their child. If the coach can help, please offer suggestions.

Foul language or disrespect from a player to a coach/referee is not tolerated.  This behavior can warrant immediate ejection from the field and possible removal from the team/CYSL.  Everyone’s goal is to have a fun and positive experience.

If your child is sick, please do not bring your child around the other players to prevent other children from getting sick.

Parental Behavior on the Sidelines

Please do not yell at any of the players, coaches or referees. If a parent/adult yells at a player, coach, or referee, he/she will be given one warning. Upon the second infraction, the parent will be asked to leave the field.  Any additional infractions can warrant your child’s removal from the team.  Please remember, this game is for the children. The children are watching the adults.  Let the kids enjoy the game!

Should you have any questions/comments/complaints about a player, coach, or referee, please let the Director of Rec know immediately. We will try to resolve as quickly as possible.

Please note that in the end, the referee's judgment and decision on the field is final, regardless of the rules.